Five year old striped bass taxidermy mount showing the absense of grease bleed.
Five year old striped bass taxidermy mount showing the absense of grease bleed.
Six month old striped bass taxidermy mount showing the absense of grease bleed.
Largemouth bass taxidermy mount showing color retention.
Oil droplets floated up out of musky skin as a result of STOP-ROT treatment.
Here's a real treat for those of you that don't get out much................

This is the flesh side of a musky skin that has just had STOP-ROT applied to it.  The little white dots inside the white circle is the reflection off of oil droplets that have floated up out of the skin.

Catch yerself a musky like the one pictured below, get ya some STOP-ROT and put it on the skin, and you can see the same thing.

You might want to go ahead and use the STOP-ROT on other things, ya never know when fishing could be bad.
Ohio taxidermist Dan Jennings with a couple of muskies.
The Test of Time on Fish Grease Bleed
Back before STOP-ROT was made public, we had tested the heck out of it for performance.  Back in the good old daze, Dan Jennings had used it on some stripers.  Big stripers.

At any rate Mark had put that article on TaxidermyReference some time after the fact.  When Mark sold TRsupply and folded up the TR web site, I moved the article to at this address:

Right away I started getting these screams of "GREASE BLEED!"  I kept telling Dan, we need to get some current pictures of that fish on the web.  He had access to the fish as the customer had it on display at his store.  Dan kept forgetting.  A few weeks ago I gave him another reminder.

Dan then apologizes, and says, "Would it be o.k. if I just took some pictures of the one I did for myself at the same time?  I just mounted it and put a sealer on it. It's been in my attic since then."

I said, "SAAAY WHAT!?!  Heck yeah, five years in an attic, and no grease bleed.  If that doesn't do it nothing will."

The second striper you will see had been done 6 months before the photograph was taken.  Check out the color retention on that one.  Also, there is a largemouth head.  Check out the color retention on him.
Second striper, mounted six months earlier.
Largemouth bass head.
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