I just thought that I would let you know about the use I had for stop rot today.  I had a guy call and say he had a fish that had been in the freezer for 40 yrs.  Ive mounted many fish that had been frozen for 15 yrs but nothing like this.  It was very dry.  I mixed up some stop rot in a bucket with water.  I soaked it in there for about 6 hours then skinned it.  There was a little bit of the fish that was sticking up out of the solution and this part was was very hard to scrape.  The part that soaked was like skinning a fresh fish.  The meat actually looked like salmon meat, very orange.  This was a 4 lb smallmouth.  The fish came out very good but I dont think it would have without it.

Ive also been using it like that on freezer burned birds and having the same results.  Ive had quite a few birds in the freezer that had very dried out feet.  I couldnt do anything with them so I injected stop rot into them, it makes them just about like new.

I of course use it for the normal,mammal skins to.  I love this product.

Craig Wyrick
Gibsonville, North Carolina
If you have an extreme STOP-ROT case history that you would like to share, send it to me!
Glen Conley
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