First bobcat mount by Stanley Kirby.

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I am new to mounting, but here are some observances.

first, I know that it has not been "finished" as the pins are evident in the photos.  that being said, I will not comment on some items that will be fixed when the final grooming occurs.

ears.  the right ear of the cat (to left of pic) looks lower than the right.

eyes - once again, the right side (left in pic) looks off when compared to the other.

nose - the muzzle itself looks slightly swollen, but this might be
transparent when the mount is finished.

these were just some quick look items.  as I said, I am learning as I go, and to me I always look at the face, especially the eyes.  the severity of my views could have been partially due to the angle of the camera in relation to the mount. 

suggestion:  wait to post pics for critique AFTER you have done finish work, as we are only given half the work...  "unfinished" (unless it is a goth cat and has all of the facial piercings...) will get many comments that areunneccessary / unwarranted.

Jerry Lawson
I realize it's not done yet, but for a first mount I think it's pretty good.

The eye openings are a little off, seems like the one on the right ( as you look at the picture) is a little more open than the left one.

Ear edges are a little off, there seems to be some crinkling going on with them.

The fur is at least fluffy and not all flat, but again since it's not finished it could just use some grooming to straighten out the hair patterns.

All in all I think you did a really good job for the first bobcat....hope to get one of my own soon !!!
Keep up the good work!
Bobbi Meyer
Bobbi's Wildlife Artistry