This is our first mount of any kind. Me and my wife tag teamed this deer .
We are in the older catagory!
Ron and Linda from Pa
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In my opinion if this is your first white tail it is an excellent mount.  I really can't see any details to make appropriate comments on things such as the eyes, muzzle etc.
What I do observe is that you might want to study your nose colors a little more.  It appears that the entrance of the nose opening might be just a little to white.  But, like I stated before it's really difficult to see some of the more important points.
I would give you a blue ribbon in the novice category
John Griffith
It looks like a good mount overall. It's hard to judge by the picture because it lacks clarity and detail. But John already hit on the nostril color but what I'll add is the ear hair patterns. It looks like the top edge of the ear, the hair has rolled out on you. This is very common in early beginning deer mounts. In the beginning of the ear, that hair should roll into the ear so you wouldn't see the opening that's in the picture. The lower edge looks okay from the picture. The rest looks pretty good, keep it up..

Tom Desnoyers
Maplerun Taxidermy Studio