Kalvin Minton
I am an old people and this is my 5th whitetail I have mounted.
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First of all I want to thank you for putting your deer head in the Critic's Corner.  For your fifth job you did a good job.

When I start to take a closer look at it and when I look at the eyes I believe that the contour or shape could be improved.  Also, your tear duct is not shaped correctly and you need to look at a live reference photo to get the proper color scheme.

Your nose pad appears to be flat or no nodules and the color may be a little to black.  On your ears they appear to be wrinkled and you need to card them while mounting and there is no ear-but detail.

All you need to do is look closer at your references.  Keep up the good work and never do a mount without looking at references.

John Griffith