Nancy Gingrich
Hi , I am Nancy Gingrich from Pa.. I am one of those older people and started taxidermy about 1 to 2 years ago. I am submitting my second mount for critiquing.

Enclosed are 5 pics to get a good view. I have lightened all the pics for better viewing. The originals were too dark to see detail properly.

Thanks for everything and I hope Rick Carter sees this as I went to his seminar last year in PA.
Best Regards, Nancy
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I want to congratulate you on an excellent job in mounting this deer head. Especially since it's only your 2 nd. mount.

Now , when I take a closer look at your mount you might want to read your eye reference a little better.  The contour of your eye is basically correct.  But, I believe that you could do a better job in apply the paint.  You want it to be smooth and blending into the skin.  Set your PSI to about 32 an this might help.

Also, down in the brisket area I am not sure at what I am looking at. It appears that it is gathered up and extra wide and I can't understand why.  It should fall right in place like into the arm pits.

Still it's a great job.  I wish that I could have done one that well when I began mounting deer heads.  Keep up the good work and if you have any questions about your work just look at a live photo and it will give you the answer every time.  All you have to do it create it.

John Griffith