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            Bobbi Meyer
Competiton Whitetail Mount
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Subject:  Bobbi Meyer's mount
I think your mount looks awesome. I like the lifelike detail around the eyes.
Chris Crall (Buckeye)
Looks pretty good overall. The 2 areas where they're probably going to ding you is your eye finish work. The lower lid is a little rough. The other area is your nose symmetry, nostrals are are off and the hair patterns of the the lower jaw are off, it might just be the picture though. Ears look nice, overall grooming looks good from the picture. Good luck, let us know how you did!!
Tom Desnoyers
Nice overall mount!

I would pull  the brisket area forward a bit....looks somewhat tight and "over drawn".  The white throat patch is definately off, re-alighning the brisket area may help this area to fall into place.

The deers left ear canal attachment is higher than the right, resulting in unsymetrical earbutts. Inner ear detail looks nice and soft, Nose pad not bad, a bit over-done though...check your reference.

The eyes need some work. Overall shape and attitude is good though. The back corner appears to be too low in relation to the pupil. Excessive shrinkage and roughness in the bottom eyelid is present. Lack of detail in the front corner. Right eye appears in the pics to have 2 creases and the left only one (could be the pics). I would also double check the epidermis coloration around the eyes. Looks a bit black, lacking depth and blending. Try richer brown tones blending to flesh towards the tear duct . Would also like to see some flesh tones in the lower nosepad area. Overall, nice solid mount! Well groomed and clean!
      Mike Rohanna