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                  Nina Lukaszewicz
First fox mount and first pheasant mount
I know these have room for a lot of improvement but I used a lot of reference on both. I'm just wanting to know exactly what I did wrong so I can improve on those flaws next time.
Thank you,
This is my first fox mount.
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This is my first pheasant mount.
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Nina is off to a pretty promising start and both mounts are pleasing to the eye at first glance, but she seems to have all of the problem areas everybody starts with....
-secondary auricular cartilage
-ears slighty high on head
-pupils should tilt inward slightly, i think the figure cited is 15 degrees, usually.
- transition from artificial nose (it is artificial, right?) to skin is a bit obvious.
-too much skin showing at the lip line
-muzzle contour looks wrong on the mannikin itself... and the shape of the parietal region on the skull seems much too wide for a grey...
I'd suggest keeping some skulls and death masks around or acquiring them... i'm in the process of doing this now as i'm starting to see what people are talking about when they say certain mannikins are not correct.
Rich Stanton
frankly i can't stand birds! for some reason they are always a mess for me! I think the tail and neck angles might be off, but as always, check reference. Does your bird have a tongue? I can't see it.
Rich Stanton