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      Joey Arender
First Wild Boar Mount
Hi Glen, well I got around to taking some photos of the boar I asked you about in another email.

This is how I would do a boar, if I where to receive one to mount for a customer. It was the first one I mounted but it didn't seem to be much different from anything else I have done.

I used a artificial nose and it gave me fits getting it to fit the form ,skin,and jaw set.

I didn't take a good photo of the mouth to send to you. I think, I know where I messed up on it so I will work that out later.

The eyes and ears are my biggest concern right now. as well as the hair patterns. The hair wouldn't do anything for me. It seemed set as soon as I got the eyes and lips tucked.

Anyone that you could get to take a peek at it for me would be appreciated. Thanks Glen for making this possible. Joey Arender
As for as old or young...
I guess I am somewhere in the middle of having my ears wiped and kickin the bucket.

The photos I am sending are The left eye, left side view, right side view, nose,right ear,and a poop poor looking straight on shot. Thanks again Glen use all some or none your choice.
Wow; this is a super job in mounting a first hog. I wish that I could have done one that good when I first started mounting them.

Now, when I look at you're mount about the only thing that I might question is the color or the spots on the tongue. The tongue should have one complete smoothness to it.

You did an excellent job in coloring the nose.

Now, on the eyes they have the proper contour etc. but, they appear that the sculpting needs to be just a tab bit thicker. What I mean is that it appears that the skin only is resting on the glass part of the eye and not on any sculpted muscle.

But, I really can't find to much wrong with your hog. It's an Outstanding job.

If you want to have that hair standing up more just use your hair dryer and constantly rake it forward; starting at the back.

John Griffith