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This is my first skunk mount (total 3).  Please post it in the fossil
section. (I don't even feel young anymore)
Judy San

This juvenile Striped Skunk has a carcass cast manikin. Her name is Viola, She has been mounted for a kids educational museum. This is my third mount.
Judy San
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Addition to Judy's page:
This was a salvage, so I get what I get. Her coat looked a little "singed" so I put her in a forest fire habitat.

The manikin and jaw set were carcass cast. (My first dentures!)

Her muzzle wasn't slip, it was damaged on the road or in a fight. I think I should have positioned her more hunkered down, but it works okay with her feet in a hole.

I've never seen so much extra skin, and didn't quite know how to deal with it.

Any suggestions or comments would be helpful.
Judy San
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