Favorite waterfowl/game bird recipes and cooking techniques provided by members of the taxidermy industry.
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Easy Wild Turkey Kabob

1/2 Wild Turkey Breast
Whole Mushrooms
Green Pepper
Cherry tomatos
Italian Dressing
Kabob sticks

Cube Turkey Breasts into desirable size pieces, and place into a bowl.  Completely cover the turkey with Italian Dressing.

Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours, mixing from time to time. This allows the bird to marinate evenly.

Cut your peppers, pineapple, and onions into desirable size pieces, but leave the cherry tomatos and mushrooms whole.

Once your turkey is marinated, it's time to load up the Kabob sticks.  I prefer to rotate, 1 piece of turkey, and then a mushroom, turkey and pineapple.......you get the picture.

Once the sticks are loaded up, it's time to fire up the grill to a medium heat.  The turkey will only take a few minutes to cook, be sure to turn them while cooking.

I always made this in June, around my birthday, and it was a hit with friends and family.  Usually, the entire bird was eaten at one sitting.

It's quite easy, even non game eaters love it.  Just dont tell them 'til they're finished eating and they'll never know!  LOL

Evelyn Mills 
Taxidermist with:
Billington Ranch Taxidermy
Georgetown, Texas


Ingredients needed:

Dove breasts
green bell pepper
cheese of your choice

For this recipe no spices are needed as the flavor will come from the pepper, onion and cheese itself. The breasts are best cooked over an open fire.

Debone (butterfly) the dove breast and wash them real good.

Then lay a piece of green bell pepper, a piece of onion and a piece of cheese onto each breast and fold it up.

Wrap half a strip of bacon around it and hold this together with a toothpick. Cook the breast over a charcoal fire. Cooking time depends on the fire itself. Turn the breasts over occassionally to insure even cooking on all sides.
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