Sometimes I think taxidermists are born, otherwise, no one would grow up to do the things we do.  We all start small but our eye on the prize from the very beginning is to mount a deer to hang over a fireplace even if it is an imaginary one.

Yet when you get down to that fateful day, you know there's foreboding at what you might forget, what step you might overlook, or even perhaps what form you should select.  You'd like to ask but you don't want to sound dumb.  You'd like to sit and watch someone who really knows what they're doing, but you don't know anyone like that.  You'd settle for a tape or a DVD, but the only ones on the market are over 20 years old and probably not the best of the best as far as methods go.
WASCO and Rick Carter just answered the prayer of every budding taxidermist with " Whitetail Deer Should Mount: A to Z with Rick Carter".
Though made with the beginner in mind, this superb video should hold a place in every journeyman's or seasoned professional's video library.  From the very first sentence, it takes  from the time you turn on the shop lights and put on your apron.  Rick starts it out by simulating receiving a customers deer in and what to do before the customer leaves your shop.  No one had ever done that before as it was just one of those multitude of things we take for granted.
Then he moves through every single process a deer mount will take, often offering alternative methods before meticulously showing you exactly how his World and National Championship experience play out.  In it, he explains that the procedures are for a commercial mount, but you quickly see that in the case of most taxidermists, this mount would serve you well competitively.
In the four hours of video, even the most inane questions are explored and to my opinion, this is absolutely the best piece of video seminars that you'll ever come across.  Pictures are clear, Rick is quite descriptive in his explanations, and the editing and lighting are totally professional.  It simply doesn't get any better than this one.
                                                                                                          George Roof
  Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mount:
         A to Z with Rick Carter

A whitetail deer taxidermy training video product review by veteran Delaware taxidermist George Roof.
Some of Rick Carter's other contributions to the advancement of modern taxidermy include:

Whitetail deer, elk, wild boar, mouflon/corsican sheep, javelina, pronghorn antelope mannikins, whitetail deer and wild boar ear liners, wild boar taxidermy video reference, live whitetail deer video reference, whitetail deer nose reference casts, deer and elk foot mannikins, mannikin scratcher and wild boar glass eye design, jaw sets, and wild boar noses.

All the components and reference material above are available from WASCO.