Wild Boar Taxidermy Product Review
                Getting Boared? 
      Taking a look at Rick Carter's
Wild Boar mannikins and accessories!
                by Mark Haineault
While Michigan is hardly the Wild Boar capital of the nation, we do get a few in to mount from time to time.  When a customer brought me one recently I decided I'd check out Rick Carter's products and techniques used in his new video hoping they might make this task more enjoyable AND profitable.

I WASN'T DISAPPOINTED!!!!  Rick's video "Mounting a Wild Boar A-Z" proved you can still teach an old dog like me some new tricks.  I followed Rick's instructions to the letter except that I tanned the skin using the Whitetail Designer Systems tanning products.

Rick leaves nothing out in his instruction, showing both bondo and ear liner methods as well as real and cast nose techniques.  This "A-Z" instructional video would make an excellent addition to any taxidermist's video library.
Rick Carter's mannikin and accessories make up this system which is by far the easiest I have ever put together.

The jaw set fit perfectly without any alteration and the cast nose fit and blended with ease.  Eye setting was a snap with the posi set eye sockets.  The incredible realistic detail Rick put into this entire system is  outstanding and took the "work" out of bringing this boar "back to life".

While there are cheaper mannikins and accessories available on the market, it would be hard to find any more precise and user friendly.  Up front costs would be deceiving by going with a cheaper mannikin and accessories.  How much have you saved if you have to repeately cut and test fit the jaw set to make it fit right or add to or cut away part of the eye sockets to make them look right?  I think you will find this system will add profit and cut your mounting time considerably.

If "time is money" Rick Carter's system will save you both!  TaxidermyReference.com gives Rick Carter's mannikins and accessories  TWO THUMBS UP  for Ease of Use,  Realistic Detail,  Best Overall Value. 
     Rick Carter's
Wild Boar Mannikin
Products used:
Available from WASCO

WB130 9x27 straight mannikin (31.95)

ELC35 Earliner (13.95)

ME125B 18mm Iris/28mm Base Eyes (12.49)

WJS15 Jaw Set (33.95)

WBN Medium Boar Nose (15.95)

VHS269 Rick's Video

Other products used:

Stop Rot (so I could take my time)

Epo-Grip Bloodout/Degreaser

Whitetail Designer Systems tanning products

Polytranspar Laquer Paints

WDS Hard Tissue Tonic (ear cartlidge removal)

Epo-Grip Epoxy Hide Adhesive
Rick Carter as seen on TV!

Mounting a Wild Boar A-Z
Artificial jaw set used as
replacement for "real"
mouth parts in
wild boar taxidermy.
Using artificial noses in taxidermy can produce very believable end results.
High quality glass eyes developed specifically for wild boar taxidermy are an important component.
The finished quality of taxidermy work can be greatly influenced by anatomically correct ear liners.
Jaw set and nose pictured shown  installed and finished.
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