How many people on planet Earth know how the hollow portion of hair grows and developes on cervids?
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I had seriously wondered about that for some time.  With the two major structural distinctions that grew from the follicle of a mature hair, I just had to question. 

The guys at Keystone Furdressing had sent me a number of hide and hair samples.

I just happened to catch this hair growth sequence on a thin sliced cross section of skin.   The specimen was a fall caribou.  These two photos are my favorite microphotographs.
You can see in the photographs that there is some degree of simultaneous development of the shaft and the hollow portion.

That bit of information should help to put your mind at ease, but only for the moment.  The answer here actually opens up a can of worms.  The old adage, which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Maybe it was simultaneous developement!

Hey, I'm just kiddin' about the chicken or the egg, but ya gotta admit, it is something to think about!

If you are a tanner/taxidermist, and want to see more cervid hair microphotography and explanations, click on the THINGY below.
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