I attended my first taxidermy show 3 years ago and I was just starting to do mounts for other people at that time.  Up until that point I had learned everything from the internet and books.  Much to my surprise everyone was very friendly and open, I learned more there the first year than I would have learned in 10 years on my own.

I found the guy that had won the masters division and began to pick his brain.  I asked him if he would be willing to give me a private seminar, I would have paid anything.  Much to my surprise he said yes, and a couple months later I took a cape and horns to his place and we mounted a deer.

The next year I entered 2 mounts in the show in the professional division and took a second and a first. I was excited beyond belief, so I decided to do the most difficult mount I could for the show the following year.

I got a summer road kill buck and a set of velvet antlers from another guy and I was off.  I had never attempted to modify a form, or do an open mouth mount.  I bought an upright straight form and cut off it’s head as soon as I got it.  I was having trouble getting it to look right so I put a post on Taxidermy.net for help and got all the info I needed.  Glen Conley sent me some good reference pictures and Rick Carter also mailed me some pictures.

From those I modified the form and began with my open mouth.  I cut the lower jaw off of the form and hollowed it out to acccept the jaw insert. 

The front teeth on the insert looked bad so I cut them off and got a set of teeth off of a real deer .  I cut them about ½” back from the teeth and used what was left of the lower jaw and glued it to the jaw insert.   After I had them in place I began making all the detail inside the mouth with Epoxy sculpt a little piece at a time.

After I got it to look as close to my reference as I could, I airbrushed it and reattached the lower jaw to the form. 

I then got my ear liners and thinned them down as far as I could.  I attached them to the form with Epoxy Sculpt and began forming all my ear butt muscles. After that was done,  I cut them off the form using a hack saw blade.  I cut them in a v shape so I could reattach them later and they would realign correctly. 

I used drywall spackling to fill all imperfections on the form and I was ready to mount.

I mounted the deer as I normally would and then sewed up the incision using dental floss and a small needle.  I was pleasantly surprised with my finished mount.  It seemed like an impossible task before I began, but I took it one step at a time and when I got stumped I asked for help.  I had plenty of good reference and followed it as close as I could.  I think that anyone with good basic taxidermy skills can do just about any mount with enough research, good reference, patience and no fear of failing.
Dave Hyer

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Rick Carter by clicking here.   here
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