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Hide Tanning and Taxidermy
Hide Tanning and Taxidermy
This altered form open mouth summer whitetail deer mount was done by Ohio taxidermist Dave Hyer.  Read his techniques by clicking here.  here

The critique was written by artist, taxidermist, judge and Georgia resident Rick Carter.
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Some of Rick Carter's contributions to the advancement of modern taxidermy include:

Whitetail deer, elk, wild boar, mouflon/corsican sheep, javelina, pronghorn antelope mannikins, whitetail deer and wild boar ear liners, wild boar taxidermy video reference, live whitetail deer video reference, whitetail deer nose reference casts, deer and elk foot mannikins, mannikin scratcher and wild boar glass eye design, jaw sets, and wild boar noses.

All the components and reference material above are available from  WASCO.   
Glen, I looked at Dave's deer it looked pretty good but there are a few things that can be improved.
Pay closer attention to hair patterns and directions on top of the forehead and be aware of the watershed effect on the neck.