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STOP-ROT is now available from Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply!  You will find it on page 249 of their 2003/2004 catalog!
Wildlife Artist Supply Company, known in the industry as WASCO, now has the entire selection of WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS Taxidermy Reference Photos on floppy disk in inventory!

WASCO has many of the disks in their 2003 catalog.  You will find them on pages 275, 277, and 281.  Click here to order on-line: WASCO
Mark_ McLain
Mark McLain demonstrates whitetail deer taxidermy.
Lots of taxidermy how-to and taxidermy tips are presented on the new Art of Taxidermy video tape series from Research Mannikins!
NEW!  Mounting a FLYING WATERFOWL by Stefan Savides.
NEW!  Mounting a Competition MULE DEER by Scott Brewer.
NEW!  Finishing a Competition MULE DEER by Scott Brewer.
NEW!  Reproduction LARGEMOUTH BASS by Rick Leach.
NEW!  Mounting a STANDING WATERFOWL by Stefan Savides.
           Antler Panel Mount by Mark McLain
           SKINNING & CAPING by Mark McLain.
           Mounting a WHITETAIL DEER by Mark McLain.
           Finishing a WHITETAIL MOUNT by Mark McLain.
           Guide to Trophy Care by Mark McLain.
RESEARCH MANNIKINS now has STOP-ROT, the WHITETAIL DESIGNERS SYSTEMS  Taxidermy Reference Photo Collection, and WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS tanning products available on-line!  Click here to order:  RESEARCH MANNIKINS

The Taxidermy Reference Photos can be found on page 225, and the tanning supply line and STOP-ROT can be found on page 264 of the 2004 RESEARCH MANNIKINS catalog.

Hilton Eppley now has his first catalog available!  Call Hilton at
1-888-674-3722 to get one.  The catalog not only features his whitetail forms, but also wild turkey, duck, and ram.  It also contains a number of needed essentials.
               Message from QUALITY TAXIDERMY SUPPLY
                                    February 2005

Quality Taxidermy Supply has just gone through a sudden business growth.  As a result, the catalog stock pile has been depleted!

Terry and Tammy Lipscomb would like to thank all of you for your support.

At this time, it is not known as to when a new catalog will be ready to go to the printers.  To be put on the mailing list for the new catalog, either
e-mail Tammy Lipscomb  or call Quality Taxidermy Supply at
1-888-527-8722, with your request for a catalog or any questions on forms or supplies.
Speed Septum System New Website
speed septum tool
Taxidermist Boxie Kallina has come up with this new idea for creating artificial septums that is easy, inexpensive, and looks great! Works on any whitetail sized animal. Kit includes instructions, special tool and enough Speed Septum material to do 20 heads. For elk-size animals the large septums are sold individually along with the larger septum tool.
Boxie's new website:
taxidermy base
taxidermy bases
   KC DESIGNS wholesale bases and          pedestals are custom built to order. 
                Kevin Chovanetz
708 Chukar Drive  Victoria, Texas77905              Phone 1-361-676-8572
Hilton now has a website, find it at:
                             QUALITY TAXIDERMY SUPPLY
Terry and Tammy Lipscomb now have a website.  You'll want to bookmark this one for the monthly specials, and drawing for a free form!  Find it at:
                                 TAXIDERMY TRAINING
John Griffith, big game taxidermy specialist, is now offering taxidermy training on a one on one basis.

John is located in Stearns, Kentucky, and can be reached by phone at
1-606-376-4380.  To see what John does in the way of taxidermy, check out his website at:
North Carolina based Quality Taxidermy Supply is now the manufacturer and distributor of the entire line of Touchstone Taxidermy Forms.

TOUCHSTONE TAXIDERMY SERVICE & SUPPLY, known in the industry as the Home of Bess  Maid Products, will continue to operate out of the Bossier City, Louisiana facility with the balance of the Touchstone Taxidermy Supply products.

For more information, phone Quality Taxidermy Supply at 1-888-527-8722, or contact the Touchstone Taxidermy Supply main office at 1-318-746-5792 • Fax # 1-318-746-5878
                             Michigan Taxidermist Association
now has a new web site at  Check 'er out!
Find a Michigan taxidermist, or join up.

They are now offering a members' photo gallery as part of the new site design.

Michigan Taxidermist Association Contact Information
Michigan Taxidermist Association
2310 Atkins Rd. Fennville, Michigan 49408
Telephone: 1-810-678-8928
e-mail contact, Doug Bridges
Jason Keehr is in process of developing a website for sales of items related
to taxidermy.  For more information check out the site at this address:  or e-mail Jason at
hide tanning and taxidermy
                      RESEARCH MANNIKINS Acquires Snaketan
Click on the Snaketan logo to visit the new web site and gain more information.
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